Why the move from Javascript to Typescript makes sense

That's Definitely Typed!

It's no doubt that Javascript is the language of choice for modern web developers, acting as the successor to C# and the .NET framework. While traditional companies rely on .NET legacy code to power their infrastructure, those that have been using Javascript for some time now have had the chance to review the language and differentiate it's pros and cons.

While Javascript has many pros, one con really stands out; the language doesn't use types. A code base can have disorganized naming conventions and really cause grief for the next developer trying to read poorly named code. This is where Typescript comes in, designed with types in mind this Javascript superset lets developers name function, variable, parameter types and more!

With control over something as essential as types, Typescript promotes neat and organized code. This in turn allows developers to better conceptualize the code that they write and actually understand it when they come back and read it in the future. This can save time and headaches because as any developer can tell you, going back and trying to understand old code can be challenging especially if it was written by another person.




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