ThotSpots, Inc. has been in the business of developing web applications for hire since 2004. We specialize in providing cohesive, agile teams for the rapid creation and deployment of websites, web services, and their related back-end systems. Whether you are just starting out with initial R&D, or seek to add new life to a legacy system, we can help. Our consultants and developers are also available for debugging, troubleshooting, and many other professional services. More…


{ Dynamic Agile Teams }

For any large-scale project, the ideal team size is about eight. Many more than that, and management become unwieldy. (For a truly ambitious project, the best practice is to break it up into inter-operative modules, each with their own team.)

{ Talented Individuals }

If you are simply looking to augment your existing staff, or you just need some preliminary R&D or similar services, then we can certainly provide you with our expertise on an individual basis.

{ Debugging & Testing }

If you are stuck and need some extra experience and know-how to get you out then look no further. We can stomp out any bug. We also specialize in Test Driven Development and setting up testing  and benchmarks for already existing codebases.

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