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Welcome to ThotSpots, Inc.

ThotSpots builds web sites, web services, and web applications that are fit for today’s hyper-paced world. We deliver software that is uncannily usable, insanely flexible, sensibly secure, and — oh yeah — practically defect-free.

Tired of cost-overruns? Our #1 focus is on delivering value ASAP — the biggest bang for the buck first. We know: The sooner you can put your software into production, the sooner it stops costing you money and starts earning you money instead. We have a 100% record of earning repeat business based on the quality of past projects.

Because Business Leaders Demand Agile

Savvy business leaders today demand that their software is built using “Agile” best practices. At ThotSpots, we use the preeminent combination of “Scrum” for high-level project management and “Extreme Programming” (XP) for the hands-on software development to ensure that your software project remains highly manageable.

  • Stakeholders are kept in the loop with early feedback and frequent course-correction opportunities.
  • This minimizes risk and ensures the highest possible ROI with the shortest possible time-to-market.
  • XP means that software is built to the highest standards with robust architectures based on rock-solid principles.
  • An interdependent set of 12 major best-practices ensures that your software is created with all of the appropriate “-ilities” in mind (usability, interoperability, scalability, sustainability, maintainability, security, performance, accessibility, etc.)

Software Development Expertise

  • Websites/Web applications
  • Web services
  • Back end systems
  • Legacy system integration
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Java, Groovy and Grails
  • PHP
  • C# .Net
  • Objective C (iPhone apps)
  • JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, and DHTML

Training & Coaching

  • Training seminars
  • On-site Coaching one-on-one
  • Executive briefings
  • Community Outreach briefings

Business Consulting

  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Systems Selection and Quotations
  • Vendor and Licensing Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Product Line Investment Strategy
  • Risk Analysis
  • Technology Trend Evaluation
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Market Trend Evaluation
  • Staffing vs. Outsourcing Analysis



Let our experience in software development guide your project to success. Whether you want to outsource an entire project, add critical senior development experience or coach your in-house team in new practices, ThotSpots personnel can assist.


When our software development teams wanted a fast, in-depth overview of rapid application development methodologies and XP, I called ThotSpots for an onsite seminar. They delivered in spades.

- Steve Acterman, Director of Corporate IT, Volt Information Sciences